2009 CARF Survey Summary

Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center has strengths in many areas:

•  The focused and determined founder and leaders of Mary Lee Foundation have created dynamic and ever-growing rehabilitation programs that fill critical needs for persons who, because of their impairments, require many levels of extended support to achieve independence.

•  The Leaders of the organization have established a campus wide atmosphere of tolerance, respect, and dignity that is felt by persons served as well as employees.  They impart a sense of calm, competent, and compassionate caring for all that significantly enhances the delivery of long-term services.

•  Personnel at all levels exhibit enthusiasm, compassion, and competency in their interactions with persons served as well as one another.  Collectively, they create an environment that strongly encourages self-responsibility and independence while maintaining a focus on the intrinsic worth and value of persons served.

•  The organization is commended for its recent hiring of a bright, energetic, and capable compliance coordinator who will provide very valuable assistance in navigating the complex payer and regulatory environment in which the programs operate.

•  All programs are characterized by a continuous focus on assisting persons served to achieve progressive community independence from the time of admission until discharge.

•  All programs have a solid, well-defined system of admissions, assessment, consumer-focused and driven planning, teamwork, medical and program coordination, and consumer and family education.

•  The outpatient medical rehabilitation program encompasses select individuals who have completed the residential brain injury program but need additional support services.  Persons served may participate in individual and group modules that address issues such as budgeting, transportation, medication management, and social integration.  Social work, classroom, and cognitive services as well as vocational services are also available.

•  Mary Lee Foundation is committed to providing services to consumers in need regardless of their ability to pay.  Many outpatient services, such as social work, Tai Chi classes, computer-based cognitive retraining, and consumer education, are provided even if funding for these services is not available.

•  The residential rehabilitation program has the capacity to house sixteen residents, but additional apartments are available on campus for long-term housing with or without services.  Plans are complete to build a 64-unit, low income apartment building that will feature a number of fully accessible apartments.  Taken as a whole, Mary Lee Foundation provides an unusually diverse array of needed living options to maintain the long-term independence of persons served.

In the following areas, Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center demonstrates exemplary conformance to the standards:

•  Mary Lee Foundation has a long and distinguished history of advocacy for the persons to whom it provides service.  Year after year, individuals within the organization have received special recognition for their advocacy efforts at the municipal, state, and national levels.

•  Mary Lee Foundation places uniquely strong emphasis on the recognition of the successes of its employees.  Achievements in the community, contributions to the success of the program, and personal achievements are all celebrated in a spirit of genuine appreciation for the value of the individuals who make up the organization.


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