Transitional Living Services

The Mary Lee Foundation was innovative in its approach to community-based programs for people with disabilities. The Foundation’s development of the Transitional Living Services program demonstrated a successful alternative to institutionalization. The goal of the program is to provide the support necessary to assist a person in maintaining their independence while always striving to achieve total independence.

This program is for short or long-term care for adults with disabilities. It is housed in a 6-unit apartment complex. This allows for our residents to be in the least restrictive environment, while still having supervision and staff assistance. 

The program includes:

  • Case management
  • Nursing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Independent living skills classes
  • Transportation
  • Assistance with meal preparation
  • Taking medications

Criteria for qualifying –

Participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a developmental disability (for example, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, autism) or mental health disorder (for example, depression, schizophrenia)
  • Not exhibit uncontrollable behavior
  • Not show risk of elopement

Payments accepted:

  • Private pay only (call for rates)

Program requirements –

Participants must:

  • Be able to live in an apartment setting
  • Be able to go up and down stairs unassisted (if living in an upstairs apartment)
  • Be able and willing to take medications with supervision
  • Not be a risk to leave without informing staff (since it is an apartment, staff cannot see residents at all times)
  • Be willing to follow facility rules

Payment for the program includes the following:

  • Rent
  • Utilities & Gas
  • Groceries
  • Intercom phone and dayroom phone
  • Use of basic furniture
  • Staff to supervise medication pass
  • Staff assistance in keeping current medical appointments
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Staff assistance in ordering medications
  • Staff assistance in cooking meals
  • Nurse to follow up on medical appointments and check resident when ill
  • Bookkeeping to manage money
  • Staff assistance in completing some tasks such as keeping apartment clean and reminders to complete activities of daily living
  • Routine maintenance
  • Some leisure activities

Payment does not include:
•    Day programming
•    Cost of medications
•    Cost of medical appointments or other medical needs
•    Clothing
•    Hygiene supplies
•    Personal items

The resident/family may be asked for extra payment for the following:
•    If the resident causes damage to the apartment or facility
•    If the resident severely soils the apartment or facility
•    If the resident needs or wants renovations made to the apartment

Discharge from the program will occur if:
•    The consumer becomes medically unstable
•    The consumer’s behavior becomes unmanageable (verbally or physically)
•    The consumer refuses to take medications or treatments
•    The consumer refuses to participate in the program
•    Payments for services are not received in a timely manner each month

Mary Lee Foundation – Transitional Living Services
Post Office Box 3174
Austin, Texas 78764

Phone: (512)442-6077
Fax: (512)442-6825

Business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

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