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2012 CARF Survey Summary

Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center has strengths in many areas:

•  Organizational leadership is visible and actively engaged in all aspects of the rehabilitation process.

•  There is a significant tenure of staff and leadership. The persons served benefit from the low turnover and the consistency of the dedicated, empathetic, and caring staff.

•  Persons served and other stakeholders are unanimous in their praise for the individualized care being provided.

•  Effective communication among staff members and the operational leadership cultivates a well informed staff. Evidence of communication and the activities of the rehabilitation programs are reaffirmed by staff members.

•  The organization fosters a continuous learning environment by providing monthly educational opportunities for the person served, involved support system, and community members. There are a wide array of topics provided to meet a variety of needs.

•  Weekly classes address essential skills sets necessary to maximize independence and reduce barriers. There is a structured curriculum for each class, and personnel are able to alter the content based on the current needs of the person served.  The persons served and referral sources report the positive impact these classes have had on their individual rehabilitation goals.

•  The Extended Care Program, located directly adjacent to the rehabilitation program, creates a seamless continuum of care from supervised residential treatment to independent community living. Persons served who transition to the Extended Care Program benefit from access to familiar staff and the necessary support services for such needs as medication and money management.

•  The Vocational Rehabilitation Job Lead Book is an excellent resource provided by the program personnel to those persons served engaged in vocational services. It contains the fundamental essentials to assist in successful preparation for and establishment of productive activity.

•  The self-medication retraining process employed with the persons served in the residential program is thorough and addresses the skills that are necessary for maximal independence, safety, and success with medication management.

•  Easy access to staff via the on-call support system affords the organization the ability to provide effective and efficient care for addressing ongoing and emergent issues for a complex population.

On balance, the rehabilitation team at Mary Lee Foundation Center is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive service to persons served in an environment that fosters respect, communication, caring, and compassion. There is significant tenure of dedicated, empathetic, and caring staff and leadership. The persons served and other stakeholders speak highly of the individualized care being provided. The rehabilitation programs demonstrate effective communication between staff and leadership to provide effective and efficient care that allows them to address ongoing and emergent issues for a complex population in a timely manner. The positive attitudes with which the management and staff prepared for and participated in the survey and their receptivity to the consultation, suggestions, and recommendations that where shared instill confidence that the organization and their services it provides.

Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center has earned a Three-Year Accreditation. The organization’s leadership and staff are congratulated for this achievement and are commended for their efforts to provide quality services to the persons of Austin and the surrounding area.


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