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Charlene Crump

Charlene Crump

Founder/Director – Mary Lee Foundation

Charlene is the Founder and Director of the Mary Lee Foundation. Since 1963, Charlene has worked to establish and provide many innovative programs for men, woman and children with disabilities. Seeing her parents help and volunteer with the Marbridge Ranch facility in far South Austin, made Charlene think about what could be done to help women. This experience sparked the vision and mission of the Mary Lee School of Special Education, which of course later became the Mary Lee Foundation. Charlene is a Texas-licensed child care administrator as well as the Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center’s administrator. Among other many accomplishments, in 2001 Charlene was awarded the Texas Governor’s Award for Outstanding Service to People with Disabilities.

Phone: (512) 443-1360

Leigh Dunson

Leigh R. Dunson, B.A.

Administrator – Mary Lee Foundation Southpointe Program

Leigh joined Mary Lee in 2000 working as a QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional) and Case Manager while also volunteering as a Big Sister. Leigh was asked to take on the important role of Administrator of Southpointe in 2007 after briefly working for the Department of Aging & Disability Services in Austin.

Phone: (512) 442-6077

Chip Howe

Chip Howe, M.A.

Admissions Coordinator – Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

Chip received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas and attended Incarnate Word College where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Psychology. Chip has served two terms as President of the Brain Injury Association of Texas and was honored by being presented the “Texas Humanitarian Award” by the Association. Chip has worked for the Mary Lee Foundation for over 26 years.

Phone: (512) 443-5777

Fran Rodda

Fran Rodda, B.A.

Controller/Business Manager – Mary Lee Foundation

Fran is a graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies.  She began working with the Mary Lee Foundation in 2007 as a Bookkeeper at the Southpointe program and the Central Office. Since then she has been involved with the many aspects of the accounting department, compliance with State and Federal regulations and reporting, appropriation of donations and oversight of grant expenditures. From 2012 through 2016, she worked as the Development Coordinator in close collaboration with the Director. In August of 2016 she took the role of Controller/Business Manager of the Mary Lee Foundation.


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