Amazing 3rd Floor Views from The Legacy

It has been three months since we broke ground at The Legacy site and construction has been moving along steadily.

When you drive by, you can see the building evolving day-by-day towards completion.  It is changing so fast that it’s hard to write an accurate update. The walls have gone up all the way to the third floor and
 now they are starting on the roof.

IMG_20130314_110001_091 (2) IMG_20130314_110151_174 (2)

The general contractor provided us with these photos taken from the third floor.  Quite a breathtaking view of the Downtown Austin City skyline!

Legacy View1 Legacy View2

The Legacy, when completed, will be a 40 unit apartment building with a maintenance shop that will serve all apartments on the Square. An additional unit has been incorporated into the design with the sole purpose of being used by the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) as a training apartment for individuals to begin experiencing independent living.

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