Another Fantastic Fall Festival!

What an amazing evening we all had at this year’s Fall Festival! It was a night of great costumes, prizes, food, fun and laughter! Special thanks again to the band “Better Than Bingo” for coming out and performing for the 6th year in a row. Maudie’s Tex-Mex, Papa John’s, Thundercloud Subs, Austin’s Pizza, Lamar Food Store,  Amy’s Ice Cream, and VERTS donated prizes for our free raffle.  Other sponsors included Professionals of Texas Fire & Safety, arrangeCARE pc, Kitty & Cliff Sinclair, Catherine Yelenosky, Deborah Peterson, Dolores Gonzales, Mary Knight, Jeff & Gina Shinn, Marilyn & Bill Hartman, John Van Wyk, Charlene Crump, Jennifer Stayton, Betty Marshall, and Victor Winter.

We had a wonderful out pouring of volunteers from Austin New Church, Southpointe parents and friends, UT Best Buddies, Brain Injury Association of Austin and Mary Lee Foundation board, staff members & friends. Board President Peggy Van Wyk and Board Member Nancy Cates made the delicious chili.  Lindsay & Dennis Ford, BK Paryani, Divakar Shetty, Tonya Wharton, and Norma Martinez provided an array of yummy side dishes.  Norma Martinez also donated 200 game prizes. Members of Austin New Church donated gift cards for the costume contest and baked goods for the Cake Walk & Roll.

It is with the support of all of the sponsors, donors, and volunteers that we were able to make this such a memorable and special event. All of us here at Mary Lee Foundation thank you for helping to make this event possible.

Enjoy the pictures taken by Lillian Sherer!

IMG_5162IMG_5190 IMG_5189 IMG_5185 IMG_5183 IMG_5180 IMG_5178 IMG_5177 IMG_5176 IMG_5170   IMG_5401 IMG_5400IMG_5402IMG_5397 IMG_5396 IMG_5394  IMG_5391 IMG_5390 IMG_5389 IMG_5388 IMG_5387 IMG_5386 IMG_5384 IMG_5383 IMG_5381 IMG_5378 IMG_5376IMG_5364 IMG_5393IMG_5374 IMG_5365  IMG_5357IMG_5363 IMG_5362  IMG_5354 IMG_5349 IMG_5347  IMG_5341 IMG_5340 IMG_5338 IMG_5337 IMG_5344IMG_5332 IMG_5331 IMG_5330IMG_5328 IMG_5327 IMG_5323 IMG_5321  IMG_5319 IMG_5318 IMG_5316 IMG_5314 IMG_5313 IMG_5310 IMG_5308 IMG_5306 IMG_5320IMG_5305 IMG_5302 IMG_5300 IMG_5297  IMG_5295 IMG_5294 IMG_5293 IMG_5292 IMG_5291  IMG_5288 IMG_5296IMG_5290IMG_5287 IMG_5283 IMG_5282  IMG_5279 IMG_5277 IMG_5276 IMG_5275 IMG_5270IMG_5251IMG_5280IMG_5272  IMG_5267IMG_5264 IMG_5262 IMG_5261 IMG_5260 IMG_5256   IMG_5250 IMG_5247 IMG_5246 IMG_5242 IMG_5239 IMG_5253IMG_5238 IMG_5231 IMG_5230 IMG_5227 IMG_5226 IMG_5224 IMG_5223 IMG_5222 IMG_5221 IMG_5216 IMG_5214 IMG_5213 IMG_5212 IMG_5211 IMG_5210 IMG_5209 IMG_5207 IMG_5203  IMG_5202 IMG_5201IMG_5205IMG_5200 IMG_5199 IMG_5198IMG_5197IMG_5191 IMG_5193 IMG_5192 IMG_5196

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