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New Picture (4)Hosted By the Mary Lee Foundation

Where ~
Mary Lee Foundation Community Center
1327 Lamar Square Drive   Austin, Texas 78704

Date ~  January 13th 2015 
Time ~  7:00 pm to 8:30 pm     

All sessions are free of charge.

TOPIC:  Happiness Leads to Healthiness

Much research has been conducted regarding depression, i.e.  the symptoms associated with depression, the causes of depression and treating depression.  Surprisingly little research has been conducted regarding happiness, that is until now.  We will explore the findings of a recent documentary involving happiness.  When asked, “What do you want out of life?,” almost everyone gave the same response, “To be happy.”  Recent research also confirms that being happy is good for you.  If you are happy your immune system gets boosted, you are more creative, you have better relationships, your health improves and you live longer.  We will explore a culture outside of America where happiness leads to healthiness.  We will then explore practical things each of us can do now, to bring about a more happy lifestyle.

Monthly sessions will occur on the second Tuesday of each month from 7 pm – 8:30 pm.  Bring a friend as we continue our journey toward enhanced learning and wellness.  Please contact our Moderator Chip Howe if you have any questions at 512/443-5777.


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