Case Management Services

Case Management Services provided by Mary Lee Foundation help adults and caregivers determine what the specific needs are of each client, and what services are available to meet those needs. The case manager often discusses community-based services that are funded by the state and federal government and those that an individual can purchase with his or her own resources.

Through case management services, persons in need of long-term care will first meet with a case manager to discuss what kinds of daily activities they can do on their own, as well as those that require help. The case manager can then proceed to identify services that could help clients to continue living in their own home or community. For instance, older persons recovering from a stroke may need home delivered meals or transportation service – or they may need help with medications, preparing meals and household chores. The case manager can help arrange these services in a “package” so that people can continue to live as independently as possible.

The case manager is key in terms of developing a plan of care and linking the adult and family caregivers with other agencies that actually provide the care. The case manager periodically checks with the client and family to find out if any service changes are needed.

The purpose of case management services is to help clients handle aspects of their lives that are not necessarily related to substance abuse but that might impact whether the patient remains in treatment or has successful treatment outcomes. These services provide assessment, planning, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of options and resources to meet an individual’s specific needs. Some examples of case management services might be:

•  Assistance with health needs
•  Assistance with transportation
•  Assistance with child care
•  Assistance with family situations, living conditions, school or work situations

When long-term, intensive case management is needed, this program provides advocacy-based care management by experienced staff. The mission of this program is to provide an individualized care plan which seeks to reflect and preserve the person’s values and lifestyle choices while maximizing opportunities for positive change and maintaining quality of life.

When adults and their families need to make decisions about long-term care, case management services are available to assist them in making informed choices.

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