Sept 8 – Brain Injury Information & Training

Hosted by the Mary Lee Foundation at:

Mary Lee Foundation Community Center
1327 Lamar Square Drive Austin, Texas 78704

Date ~ September 8th, 2015
Time ~ 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Tuesday Evening
All sessions are free of charge


Movie: Laughology

LaugLaughologyhter has been reveled and reviled throughout all of history. Perhaps, now, we are just beginning to really understand it. Albert Nerenberg drops in on cutting edge Neuroscientists, Cardiologists, Christian holy laughter groups and practitioners of Laughter Yoga in search of origin and meaning of laughter.

After a family tragedy, filmmaker Albert Nerenberg realized he was caught up in lifestyle that was overwhelmingly dictated by depression.  He also discovered that over 80% of all adults living in Western Society were also experiencing varying degrees of depression that was negatively impacting their overall quality of life.   The most common factor that he observed in one’s depression driven lifestyle was quite simple:  People were taking life way too seriously.

To help reinforce their depression, the majority of information these adults encountered during their workday, and after work and on weekends was likened to mass propaganda full of negative information locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.  Just to put this in perspective, a local TV News show decided to devote 3 minutes of their broadcast to GOOD NEWS coverage.  After a brief run it was pulled as BAD NEWS needed the time allotment back.

Albert decided he needed to lighten up and decided to launch a quest to find a cure for seriousness. In his quest to rediscover his own laugh, Nerenberg produced a film that will undoubtedly play a major role in a global laughter trend. It may be coming just at a crucial time when the world needs a good laugh.  He quit practicing conventional medicine after discovering that laughology was having a more profound and longer lasting healing effect on every one of the patients he treated including himself.  This one hour movie explores the origin of laughter; how it expanded into other cultures and why this film just may be what the Doctor ordered to improve your quality of life.

For more information, have any questions or you would like to submit a topic for future discussion; please contact our Session Moderator, Chip Howe, at (512) 443-5777.


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