Apr 10, 2015

Brain Injury Information & Training

By Mary Lee Foundation

Hosted by the Mary Lee Foundation at:

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This week features:

An Ordinary Life: The Second Life of Stefan

Directed by: Kate Peacocke and Emma Williams


An Ordinary Life is a short series of films in which each episode reveals an in depth story about a person with a disability. The Second Life of Stefan is the only episode which highlights the recovery of a brain injury survivor.


At the age of 24, Stefan Hadfield pushed his life to the limit. A traumatic brain injury nearly ended his life after he slipped nearly 100 feet off an icy ledge in the Rocky Mountains, smashing his skull on the rocks below. Before his accident Stefan was known as super-human. He had mastered 20 diverse outdoor sports, smashed numerous world records in rock climbing, spoke several languages fluently and was a qualified hydro geologist with a mind for complex equations.

Stefan’s accident resulted in his sustaining a fist-sized hole in his skull and left him without the ability to see, walk or talk. He couldn’t remember anything about the world or who he was. He had no idea who his girlfriend Madeline was, yet she stayed by his side through many months of rehabilitation. At first their relationship reverted to almost a mother/child one, and slowly returned to a more affectionate relationship. Stefan’s road to recovery remains perplexing to neurosurgeons and himself.

The film creatively captures Stefan’s journey toward recovery from several perspectives including his own, his girlfriend and his parents. Stefan is a special person who continues to make favorable progress as he remains focused on his ability vs. disability.
Monthly sessions will occur on the second Tuesday of each month from 7 pm – 8:30 pm. Bring a friend as we continue our journey toward enhanced learning and wellness. Please contact our Moderator Chip Howe if you have any questions at 512/443-5777.
Next Month: BLUE ZONES
We will explore the unique qualities of the Blue Zones, which have proven to be fundamental in promoting a healthier and more enjoyable quality of life.

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