Oct 2, 2015

Brain Injury Program Receives 5th Consecutive CARF Accrediation

By Mary Lee Foundation

Below are the highlights from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)  Survey Conducted on  July 9th – July 10th, 2015

Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center (MLFRC) has strengths in many areas.

  • MLFRC, part of a “Community of Hope,” has been providing much needed services for individuals with brain injuries for over eighteen years in Lamar Square. It assists an underserved population that does not have many resources available for rehabilitation. MLFRC has an optimal location close to downtown, low-cost or free public transportation, and the many free activities offered in Austin for its clients. Clients are able to participate in the local Mary Lee Foundation Food Pantry each week when they need food supplies. These free amenities for those with little resources would not be possible in another location. The organization also is able to utilize their local, low-cost housing of the Mary Lee Foundation in Lamar Square for discharged clients, assisting in their transition to independent living and working.
  • MLFRC is well respected in the community of Austin, obtaining referrals from many different sources in the state of Texas. Referral sources spoke highly of the program.
  • The leadership is innovative and always collaborating in finding creative and low-cost and cost effective ways to assist the clients in their recovery from brain injury and in becoming independent citizens, hopefully living successfully on their own.
  • The administrator and executive director are passionate about helping this population and provide many resources for clients, including presenting each client with a laptop to facilitate their recovery, assist with a job search, and keep them in communication with families and friends.
  • The compliance coordinator is recognized for tireless dedication to meeting the quality standards and regulatory requirements in Texas and leading the compliance efforts at MLFRC.
  • Most staff members are long-term employees, work well as a team, and communicate thoroughly in all levels and aspects of the organization, as they are united in their efforts to improve the lives of this underserved population.  Staff members bring stability, history and continuity to service delivery.
  • The organization truly incorporates all aspects of the accessibility plan into the everyday activities of clients, identifying any boundaries to accessibility and addressing them regularly.
  • The organization retains its experienced personnel who are dedicated and demonstrate a high commitment to the core values and mission of the organization. The interdisciplinary treatment teams exhibit professionalism, enthusiasm, and compassion while thoroughly addressing the physical, communicative, cognitive, leisure, and functional needs of clients and their family members. The team members demonstrate knowledge of and dedication to the rehabilitation process and genuine concern for the outcomes achieved by clients.
  • The grievance policy for clients focuses on informing the client of the process and providing a form for the response to grievances.
  • Key staff and team members at MLFRC meet in person two times per day, in the morning and afternoon, to review, plan, and progress treatment the client and address issues efficiently.
  • The organization is active in the Brain Injury Association of Austin and hosts monthly support group meetings. Personnel are actively involved in brain injury and disability advocacy with local and state government.
  • MLFRC is recognized for its commitment to assisting clients who have a brain injury to find affordable housing after successfully completing the treatment program. This adds a continuum of care that is exceptional in meeting the needs of clients.
  • Extensive knowledge is demonstrated by the medical director who provides psychopharmacological management and serves as a true advocate for clients and the organization. The medical director is a true member of the interdisciplinary team, receiving feedback and communication weekly from team members, nurses and the treatment supervisor.
  • Clients consistently spoke in a highly positive manner regarding the treatment received. They spoke of a warm, trusting, therapeutic environment that is fostered by treatment staff.
  • Clients stated that they have received more help at MLFRC than anywhere else in their life; they are treated as people, not a diagnosis; and MLFRC fosters a community of support for them to be successful.
  • Families served throughout the organization reported high levels of satisfaction with the staff and services provided. Plans are based on individual and family needs, and staff members assist with problem-solving service concerns and guide them in their self-advocacy efforts. A family centered philosophy is reflected throughout the programs and services.

On balance, MLFRC has demonstrated substantial conformance to the CARF standards. The strong leadership, especially from the corporate compliance officer, incorporates the quality standards in all aspects of the organization. Experienced administrative staff, treatment staff, and direct care staff collaborate on client care, striving for optimal outcomes. The organization benefits from strong leadership and team members who have the passion and commitment to carry out the goals of the program. Clients, their families, and discharged persons were complimentary of the service and care received. The organization enjoys an effective relationship with the community and operates in an area of Austin that allows clients with brain injuries to participate in community activities that assist those with little funding. MLFRC is a much-needed and respected provider of services in this community and provides an area of refuge for its clients.

Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center has earned a Three-Year Accreditation. MLFRC is recognized for its efforts to provide brain injury rehabilitation services to an underserved population and is encouraged to continue to follow the CARF standards. The leadership and rehabilitation staff should be proud of their accomplishments and their commitment and passion to providing the optimal services to clients.

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