Dec 14, 2021

Brain Injury Survivor

By Mary Lee Foundation

Mrs. Juanita Lee Hendrix moved to the Mary Lee Foundation in July of 2020 after suffering a severe stroke. She lives here on the square with her husband Michael and their two dogs Little Man and Baby Girl.

When Lee arrived at the Mary Lee Foundation she could not perform many activities of daily living like walking, cooking alone, getting dressed or showering by herself. She also struggled with communicating.

Lee has made great strides here in our therapy program. She can now walk independently with the use of a walker. She can shower on her own, cook, clean, manage her finances and most importantly, boss her husband around!

Lee is back to enjoying life. She enjoys walking, cooking, caring for her dogs and has a wonderful green thumb.

Our therapists are extremely proud of the progress Lee has made. Her current goals are being able to drive and walking without the assistance of a walker. We have no doubts that she’ll be taking her little dogs on walks all on her own soon enough!

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