Dec 14, 2020

Disabilities in the Workplace

By Mary Lee Foundation

In early March, four of our clients were invited to SAFE in Austin to talk to their employees about working with individuals with intellectual disabilities. As an organization that takes care of clients with disabilities, it is important for us to go out into our community and promote a disability-friendly workplace.

Disabled people are hugely underutilized in the workforce today. In the United States, more than one in five people have a disability. Only one-third of working-age disabled people are employed. Employers are overlooking many qualified (or even overqualified) candidates because of the perceptions of what it means to be disabled.

A 2018 study by Accenture, in partnership with the American Association of People with Disabilities, reported that businesses that actively seek to employ people with disabilities outperform businesses that do not. Their revenues, net income and profit margins were all higher. Additionally, the Department of Labor found that employers who embraced disability saw a 90% increase in employee retention.

If you are interested in hiring someone with a disability or would like more information about our Southpointe program for adults with intellectual disabilities, please call Leigh Dunson at (512) 442-6077 or email

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