Dec 16, 2018

Let’s Amplify the Mary Lee Foundation 2018: March 1st, 6p.m. thru March 2nd, 6p.m.

By Mary Lee Foundation

Amplify Austin 2018 Kicks off Today!

Visit Mary Lee Foundation’s AmplifyATX today Donate thru 6 p.m. March 2nd

Amplify Austin presented by I Live Here I Give Here is a 24-hour, online giving event whose goal is to inspire Central Texans to come together to support the work of local non-profits.
How It Works:

  1. Beginning March 1st at 6pm through March 2nd 6pm, you have 24 hours to give where you live during Amplify Austin. You can also choose to schedule your giving in advance.
  2. Visit Mary Lee Foundation’s Amplify Austin page give during the 24-hour period or schedule a donation ahead of time, even RIGHT NOW!
  3. You can give any amount within your means as long as you meet the minimum gift amount of $25.
  4. You do not need to create a user account to make a one-time donation during the 24-hour period on Amplify Austin. However, creating an account allows you to set up recurring donations or run a fundraising campaign.
  5. You can cover credit card fees when you donate, plus you will receive an immediate confirmation email thanking you for your donation with your tax receipt attached.
  6. Mary Lee Foundation will receive all donated funds during April which means we can put them to use serving the needs of the special population we work with on a daily basis.

Why Donate During Amplify Austin?

By giving to us during Amply Austin’s 24-hour period on our page your donations are amplified through the incentive pool provided by sponsors and the cash prizes awarded to participating non-profits.
Other Ways To Help:

Share information about the Mary Lee Foundation’s participation in Amplify Austin with friends, family, and anyone you think might be interested in supporting our mission. You can also help by becoming an individual fundraiser for the Mary Lee Foundation during Amplify Austin. To learn how, contact Shawna Castellano for more information.

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