May 12, 2014

TBI Information & Training May 13, 2014 7pm

By Mary Lee Foundation

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Traumatic Brain Injury Information & Training

Hosted by the Mary Lee Foundation (Free of Charge)

Mary Lee Foundation Community Center

1327 Lamar Square Drive    Austin, Texas 78704

Date ~  May 13th, 2014, Tuesday Evening

Time ~ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Glenn sustained a life threatening brain injury on 11/02/10 following a motor cycle accident.  Glenn successfully completed his Vocational Rehabilitation program in September 2013.  Glenn realized it would be up to him to have a positive outcome and in doing so maintained a positive attitude and stayed focus on setting realistic goals.   An increased sense of self awareness and inner peace emerged and Glenn now serves as a positive role model for others and tonight serves as our Guest Moderator.

GUEST SPEAKER: Cavin Balaster

Cavin is a traumatic brain injury survivor from a two-story fall, was comatose for twelve days, and was diagnosed with a diffuse axonal injury. Approximately 90% of the people who sustain this injury never regain consciousness. In the years following his brain injury, Cavin has diligently worked to spread awareness about brain health and recovery. In order to heal, Cavin has been very active in learning as much as possible about the brain and its ability to heal itself. He has developed a website ( and written over 60,000 words on his blog, documenting his injury and recovery process while offering hope and guidance to survivors and their loved ones. He is also currently writing a book to tell the story of his experience titled: “Lights, Coma, Action!”

TOPIC:  Building Bridges in the Brain

In celebration of the three-year anniversary of Cavin’s brain injury, he will be sharing what he has found to be some of the most effective methods in his ongoing recovery. Cavin will tell his story and talk about what he has found helpful during his ongoing healing process, as well as methods that he has learned from cutting edge practitioners in functional neurology in hopes of helping other survivors, friends and families during their own journey toward recovery.

For more information, have any questions or you would like to submit a topic for future discussion; please contact Chip Howe at (512) 443-5777

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